Friday, February 5, 2010

I hope some of you smart folks have been thinking about this for a while. I really hope you have some suggestions on how to make this a reality.

So I started thinking a bit which is always dangerous. How does a government agency integrate all of the rich data into a single location?

My simple definitions
Single location= a location that a user can go to get the data. Ideally, numerous locations would be feed data from an integrated source

Rich Data= data from city, county, state integrated with crowd-sourced data of various forms

The idea is data would flow from multiple sources to a library from which a single rich data set could be completed. The beauty of the system is that all of the data ‘feeders’ would not even have to know about one another. For example, the county official responsible for roads would not have to know about OSM but could leverage the data that is inserted into OSM and vice-versa. The illustration above is focused on roads, but if such a system existed; points of interest, hydro, pick a ‘layer’ could be easily created and shared.

I realize the idea above is a dream. Things like licensing, lawyers, bureaucracy and a host of other things immediately point to “This cannot be done.” What if those issues didn’t exist; what might we have? This is what I am interested in seeing happen. Arkansas is ready to give it a try. Anyone else out there done this?

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