Thursday, May 6, 2010

AGIO Decal in 50 States

First, BIG THANK YOU to all those who submitted pictures, and asked others to do the same. We could not have done this without YOU!!!

The #AGIOdecal game began on 3/5/2010 with a blog post. A second post was made on 3/22/201 as decal pictures began arriving.

We never could have imangined what would transpire. So now for some lessons learned, and considerations should someone else attempt something like this.

1. It's not about you, it's about the game: 90% of the pictures we recieved were via Twitter friends. What was intresting was the game spread beyond those that knew of the AGIO prior to the game begining.

2. Make it easy: This seems obvious, but it was essintal to us recieving the maxiumum number of photos possible. We just said "please send photos" and did not specify how we would like to recieve them. This resulted in photos being sent via email, txt, twitter, flickr, and various other means.
Actual breakdown
70 folks played along and submitted 210 pictures
99 pictures were emailed
69 pictures were tweeted
30 mailed via snail mail (one person's trip)
12 pictures were texted

3. Not everyone geoenables their pictures: We assumed this was the case, but we didn't realize it was such a small precentage. One thing we did not do well was take advantage of the photos that were geoenabled when we recieved them. - Big lesson learned

4. Logistics: I think there are a few things you have to get right in order for the effort to work. First, you have to have a reason, and that maybe just because. Second, you have to be responsive. That means responding when folks who participate, posting photos recieved quickly and communicating the posting back out. Third, there is no wrong answer (in this case picture). I think you have to always remember it is a team effort. It is not 'your' project, it is everyone's. BTW- thanks to all who played

5. Cost: The cost was minimal cosidering the return. Decals were $500, staff time around 5% (debatable), stamps were $20, travel $0 (we just carried decals everywhere we were already going).

Also worth noting: We leveraged a number of platforms online for no fee.

Photo gallery- Picasa / Flickr

Success is measured a number of ways. @cageyjames Tweeted "Arkansas hasn't got this much play since Clinton was president!" we believe that is succcess. It is intresting that a five person shop managed to get pictures of its decal in so many places, with the help of a lot of friends. We consider the effort a huge success.

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