Friday, March 5, 2010

What's the deal with #AGIOdecal?

Google Map - Flickr Map - GeoCommons Map

It all started harmless enough and has now turned into a friendly competition. Actually a friendly wager. The Arkansas Geographic Information Office had the logo developed in 2002. The logo includes the tag line "Putting Arkansas On the Map!". (You can make up your own jokes.)

We recently had decals made and began taking pictures with them as we travel the state. While gathered for lunch I said "Wonder if we could get AR mapped in 50 states?" Discussion ensued which resulted in my firm stance AGIO could get pictures of the logo taken in all 50 states using various social media outlets and personal connections. I am also hoping to get a few from the territories.

I'm pretty sure a map will be created shortly after the pictures are collected for all 50 states.

So I'd appreciate anyone who wants to play along just:
  • Take a picture with the decal
  • Upload to your online photo browser of choice (send link to me)
  • Or email the pic to me
Should our paths cross, don't be surprised if I hand you a decal in return for your business card.

The #AGIOdecal continues to make its rounds. Photos can be viewed here and related Tweets can be viewed here. Thanks to all those who are playing. Please keep the photos coming.


  1. If you need a photo from your neighbor directly to the north, let me know!

  2. DM me your address and I will send you one. Thanks for playing.


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