Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life- Interesting Couple of Months

On April 15, 2016 I was informed my last day (with previous employer) would be May 13th. Unfortunately other members of my team were immediately let go. Interesting how you feel when you have poured a lot of effort into something and then the rug gets yanked. The first few days I reflected on the why, what and how. Then I decided it was time to get busy. I put a resume together for the first time in 16 years, reached out to a number of contacts and let the churn begin. At the same time I realized I had to be busy or things just wouldn't be good.

I was made to work. It is just ingrained in my being. So I started doing what I did before my first job working for the state. Simply put - manual labor. I quickly found out I had softened (and obviously aged) over the years sitting behind a computer. My feet, hands, back, arms, and legs hurt but I slept good and felt great. Manual labor is good for my soul. I have not found full time employment yet, but I have been enjoying what I have been doing.

My brother flips houses so he always has a need for help. I worked for him finishing up a house - hanging doors, laying floors, cleaning the yard, pressure washing and various other polishing touches.

Then I returned to my high school and college days, landscaping.



Buddy called and asked for a play structure to be torn down at a day care. Demolition is always a good release (sledge hammer, chain saw and crow bar). the kids were not happy with me but the structure was removed. First time I have removed poles buried in 4 feet of concrete.

Next was good old construction work. Knocking down cinder block walls and hauling debris to the dumpster. Then I spent a few day removing building a deck followed, which coincided with building a tree house (of sorts) which I will detail in another post.



So though officially unemployed I am some how coming home whipped, dripping in sweat and somehow full-filled.

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