Monday, October 12, 2009

NSGIC Reps on Twitter

Following #NSGIC2009 several ask if there was a list of NSGIC state reps currently on Twitter. I am not aware of a list and doubt this will be comprehensive, but its a start. Tweet me @learondalby and I will add ya, apologies upfront if I neglected ya. I am sure there is an easier way to build this list, so someone share the knowledge.

National States Geographic Information Council- @nsgic
Alabama- @electicghia
Arkansas- @Arkansas_AGIO, @ShelbyDJohnson, @LearonDalby
California- @CAGIO
Colorado- @COGISCoord
Delaware- @DelawareGIS, @rockmanwss, @mmahaffie
Florida- @Florida_SERTGIS
Georgia- @DaniAyan
Indiana- @igic
Kansas- @ivan2mapu, 2kgsdasc
Missouri- @tonyspicci
North Dakota- @BobNutsch
Texas- @TNRIS
Utah- @BertAGRC
Wisconson- @Wiscmapper, @ajwrtly

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