Friday, July 31, 2009

The Change

What happened? Here is what I think happened and the opportunity it presents.. The way many individuals communicate changed. Traditionally communication from government-citizens, business-client, or nonprofit-supporters has been one way. The spin, message, commercial, etc. happened one way. Think about the various forms of ‘communication’ we have used in the past: paintings, radio, tv, fax, or email. This is not a dialogue, which is what many really desire. No doubt someone could respond to the email but is that really a dialogue?

Now think about mechanisms that have enabled a dialogue: telegraph, phone, email (alright, I will give that one to you), instant messaging, txt messaging. These are all becoming dated. You read it right, dated. That is the change… Welcome to instantly knowing where someone is, what they are doing, thinking, care about, and oh yeah they get to tell you. You have entered into a dialogue or conversation and begun to develop a relationship. Why do they tell you? Because they want to! They are involved because they care. Yes there is a human element to IT that a dialogue enables and the result is fascinating.

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