Friday, July 31, 2009

Final thoughts on the change

The change has not only changed the way we communicate and/or receive feedback, it has changed the way we think. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘we need to talk like they talk’? It usually meant we need to speak to them in terms they will understand using examples they can relate to. This principal is still true and has not changed. The change is we need is to talk the way they talk using the channels they use. This is not only a change; it can be a challenge.
Think of channels just like TV channels. If you wanted to put a commercial on TV you would try to target the channels or shows your customers would likely watch. Your constituents and customers will likely reside on several channels, and will only be on those channels at certain times. The people you will want to create a dialogue with use various social media tools and visit numerous blogs. You will likely need to be on some or all of them to maximize your chances to join or engage in their conversation.

I regularly use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and visit several blogs. I didn’t choose those social media tools because they are better. I choose those because that’s what my friends (work and personal) used and I wanted to join the conversation. I have a number of friends on Facebook but I only swap notes with a handful. Here’s the catch, I see what all of those that friends on Facebook are doing. I join the conversations I want and am simply informed by others. Some are friends from work others from various walks of life. The point is they are all friends and I am interacting with them as such. Remember this because it becomes important later in the story. I still use email regularly but only because it is required in order for me to stay connected to other friends. I would much prefer to use one of the social media tools and am really excited to see some of the tools to come.

So to grab my attention you would need to email me, use one of the social media tools I use or interact with one of the various blogs I regularly check. As a side note- I generally delete email that is not directly related to work or from someone I know. I scan numerous tweets (email on Twitter) a day and follow a number of interesting leads from that tool. Don’t forget, that is just me and those are just a few of the many social media tools. In order to grab the attention of the whole you need to communicate using the channel (social media tool) they use. You should also read up on the principal; small is the new big, as described in various ways in the books I have read over the past year.

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